Food safety

Food safety standards

All European food producing companies are legally obliged to have a HACCP based food safety system in place.
Certification of the HACCP based food safety system is not required by law, nevertheless food safety systems are often certified for the following reasons:

  • The food safety system is demonstrable approved by an independent and accredited certification body, to ensure the system meets the companies principles;
  • Required by customers.

Food Safety Advice does not only helps to writing a clear, uncluttered and functional quality manual, but also helps to implement the food safety standard in your organisation. The power of Food Safety Advice is to bring the food safety system to life in the company.
The most common food safety standards in the food industry include:

  • BRC Food / BRC Industry of Packaging / BRC Storage and Distribution
  • IFS / IFS Broker / IFS Logistics
  • ISO 22000

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