Interim quality management


During the temporary absence of a quality manager, it is very important the work and responsibilities are incorporated correctly and appropriately. In addition to the full take over and control of the quality department, the quality system and manual can be updated or even a complete new food safety standard (BRC, BRC-IoP, IFS, etc.) can be implemented.
Are you looking for a quality manager, but haven’t you found the most suitable person yet? Do not hesitate to contact us for bridging the period you have nobody available, this will prevent making a decision too hastily.
Even when your employee is temporarily unavailable due to pregnancy, sabbatical or other circumstances, we will offer you the solution.
Optimisation and reorganisation

Not only the absence of a quality manager can lead to hiring an interim quality manager. Interim quality management is also widely used to reorganise or to optimize the quality department or quality manual.

When full-time quality support is not needed, outsourcing can fulfill your occasional need for feedback or quality support. For example, an independent view on the food safety system prior to the certification audit, extra support during peak periods.  The way of support and presence at the company will be fully adapted to the needs of the company.

The benefits of interim quality management by Food Safety Advice:

  • Reliable and integer
  • Accurate en efficient
  • Good management skills
  • Flexible
  • Excellent price / performance ratio