Law & Label


Reading and understanding of laws and rules is often time consuming and still remains the question whether it has been properly interpreted. In addition, legislation is changing almost continuously.

Food Safety Advice can help. Clearly specify your question and we will start looking in the current and relevant European and Dutch Food Legislation and provide you with the requested information.

Product specification and labeling

Especially for complex food products, the preparation of product specifications and labels can be an extensive, time consuming and sometimes difficult job, taking into consideration the extensive relevant legislation, whereby certain things like font size and the images on the final packaging must be observed as well.

The fact that consumer and legibility of food labels is becoming increasingly important is shown by Regulation (EU) No.. 1169/2011 of 25 October 2011 on the provision of food information to consumers. This legislation replaces the current regulations and directives in this regard and will have a major impact on many food labels and packaging. It is very important that food manufacturers and "private label" holders make an inventory in time of what the changes will be, so (raw material) suppliers can submit all the information and all labels and packaging are adjusted in time so that all products meets the new legislative requirements before the legislation applies and disposal costs can be avoided.

Food Safety Advice is not only offering support regarding checking specifications, labels and packaging, but can also prepare specifications for you, based on the information provided by your suppliers. Please contact Food Safety Advice also, if you need advice on a practical and proper construction of the ingredient declaration.