External audits

Despite only certified suppliers are accepted, it can occur sometimes that complaints or the supplier assessment indicates that the product quality or safety of the delivered products or services are not adequately controlled.
In such case, auditing of the supplier is the most appropriate way to determine whether the supplier meets all requirements. Unfortunately, on site auditing combined with the follow up of the audit can be very time consuming.
Food Safety Advice can take work off your hands. Through years of experience in  retail (e.a. supermarkets and wholesalers), much expertise exists in the field of auditing. Suppliers will be assessed in an independent, professional and integer but critical way against the relevant requirements. The results of the audit shall be reported as requested. If desired, Food Safety Advice will also follow up the corrective actions to be undertaken by the supplier.
Due to a native Dutch speaking auditor, Food Safety Advice is especially suitable for the auditing of suppliers of which Dutch is the main language.
Internal audits

To check whether the company complies with the applied food safety standard (BRC, IFS, HACCP, ISO, etc.), each company is legally obliged to periodically verify the food safety system, including on the basis of internal audits.
An audit is only useful when:

  • carried out by an food safety expert;
  • the auditor is familiar with the standard and audit techniques;
  • the audit is critically approached;
  • all components of the audit are assessed as objectively as possible

Of course, the cooperation by the auditees plays an important role also, but the auditor is more influential than often thought.

If an audit is carried out properly, it is one of the most powerful tools for a proper assurance of food safety. The audit results will also show opportunities to improve the organisation. Viewed in this way, an audit is a valuable internal management tool, rather than a necessary evil.

Many improvement opportunities remain untapped due to insufficient knowledge and inexperience. Company blindness occurs in almost every company. Most of the time, people are fixated on the current existing business situation, and virtually do not notice improvement opportunities, with the result that not all benefits are fully achieved or in the worst case the food safety system is not sufficiently verified.

By outsourcing the internal audit to Food Safety Advice, your organisation will be audited to the relevant standard in an unbiased, expert and integer way to gain optimum advantage from the internal audit. Audit results, including improvement opportunities, will be reported in  clear and comprehensive way.